Frequently Asked Questions


First, decide where would you like your spa on the property. Your spa should be installed at a location that has a flat level surface built to code, with adequate access for regular maintenance and service. Refer to the specifications of your spa to ensure you have enough space (Don’t forget to take any accessories into consideration, like steps, covers or cover lifters)


Second, what access is there to this location for placement? Whether you elect for professional placement or not, you will want to address any possible obstacles that may impede access to the area (gates or doorways, decking, railings, low hanging power lines, trees, hills or stairs). If are unsure of how these obstacles may affect your delivery, please contact us for help.  


To contact us about your delivery, please email 


For a spa or swim-spa order, there are 3 types of delivery, depending on your site and needs. Drop-Ship, Placement, and Non-Standard Placement.  


Drop-ship: The spa will be delivered to the front of your residence and you coordinate the placement to its final destination on your property. This is also known as a "curbside" delivery. 


Upgraded Placement: Barefoot Spas will coordinate the placement of the spa where you want it at your residence for an additional charge. Eligibility to be determined based on proper access and geographic location.  


Non-Standard Placement: Barefoot Spas will coordinate the placement of the spa, but your circumstances require special accommodations such as a forklift or crane service. 


All orders (including orders for parts and accessories) may be shipped using a common shipping carrier if appropriate for the item, tracking information will be provided at the time of shipment. 


For additional information, please email 



We accept all major credit cards, bank ACH, and we have various financing options available based on credit approval. 

All spa or swim-spa orders come with a filter. However, cover, steps, and start up kit are not included and will need to be added to the cart at checkout. 

Additional accessories that you may want with your Barefoot Spa can be found under accessories in our online store. We will often offer promotional deals to include added accessories at a discounted rate with the purchase of a new spa. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive notifications of these promotions. 


A spa should not only be efficient, but easy and safe to maintain. Common frustrations are the costs and efforts associated with maintaining clean water in a hot tub. Unlike others in our industry, our spas are designed to maximize the ozone and filtration systems by eliminating the restricting and confusing "Mode" and "Filter" settings in our controls, simply set the topside to your desired temperature, and as long as it is maintaining that temperature, the spa will "self-clean" 24/7. For most spa owners, this is enough to keep clean odorless water, and additional water maintenance is not needed.

In some cases, the spa cannot keep up, and you may notice odor or slight discoloration. We provide the "First Aid Kit" to be used depending on the circumstances to expedite the cleansing process. This kit has minimal amounts of chlorine or chemicals known to be harsh on sensitive skins.

Intervention is most commonly needed on a fresh fill, when the spa must work to filter out existing minerals in your source water, or if the spa is continually working against large bather loads, dirty filters or foreign contaminates like lotions or detergents. Refer to your owner's manual for further care and usage instructions that may aid your spa in successfully self-cleaning or reach out to our customer service team, who can consult further based on your unique circumstances. 

To contact customer service, please email


Orders can be cancelled with no penalty at anytime before the order has left our facility. All payments made up to the time of cancellation will be returned to you within 7-14 days of an acknowledged request to cancel. 

We accept returns on most purchases within 30 days of delivery. The customer is responsible for the return shipping and handling, and the item must be returned in new condition. 

Items that are marked "final sale," "clearance," "as is" or "made-to-order" are not returnable, nor can we adjust prices for items within an order or cancel orders. 

All spas and swim spas come with a manufacturer’s warranty. Details on this warranty can be found here