A history of product innovation and a commitment to excellent customer experience has been renewed with the new team at BarefootSpas! In 1975 David Shoaf saw the need to expand his woodstove business to include other warmed and relaxed people on a cold winter day.

At that time, almost all Hot Tubs were manufactured on the West Coast. To avoid high shipping costs, he started manufacturing Spas and Hot Tubs right here in Richmond, Virginia. By manufacturing them to East Coast standards, they quickly became a premium brand, built to the highest standards. Over the years, the products received many awards and much recognition from all over the world. The addition of products like a full line of Swim Spas and several new complete lines of Spas gave us more choices than most on the east coast.

In 2001 David was diagnosed with cancer and knew he did not have much time to realize his dream of providing a premium quality spa directly to the consumer at a wholesale price. David knew the consumer did not need a dealer or the markup associated with a dealer overhead. He was a pioneer in our business in many ways. One of the last things David did before his death was to completely redesign the entire Barefoot Spa and Swim Spa lineup into the premium molds we still use today.

We at Barefoot Spas are committed to living up to the standards set by David. We remember the dream he had of everyone being able to buy a premium quality spa at a wholesale price. Over the past 39 years, this brand has come along way from the dream of our founder to the reality of one of the best and most complete lines of Spas and Swim Spas available anywhere in the world.