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The 817NPSS swim spa offers the most advanced combination of features Barefoot Spas has to offer. This 17 foot swim spa has the longest open cavity in its class and has three seatbacks, providing plenty of space to stretch your legs and relieve tension with jet massages. The Spania series elevates the traditional appeal of a hot tub with added capacity bringing a multitude of options for entertainment and fitness.

  • Wide variety of adjustable jets
  • Swim jets with adjustable resistance features
  • Upgraded perimeter LED lighting package
  • A trio of dual LED-lit water features that are both visually and audibly appealing
  • 2 seatbacks equipped with headrests for maximum relaxation and comfort
  • 2 sets of calf massagers
  • No hassle, “set and forget” digital control system
  • Quality constructed PVC frame for long term structural integrity
  • Mylar backed foam insulation for maximum heat retention and efficiency
  • Equipped with OZO filtration
  • Spa cover and accessories available at additional costs

Powerful 17 foot swim spa

Seats 4
Lounge N/A
Dimensions [ L x W x D ] 16'9" x 7'8" x 4'1"
Dry Weight 2400 pounds
Capacity 1800 gallons
Heater 4.0kw
Electrical 220v; 60 amp
Pumps 3

For a spa or swim spa order, there are 3 types of delivery, depending on your site and needs. Drop-Ship, Placement, and Non-Standard Placement.  


Drop-ship: The spa will be delivered to the front of your residence and you coordinate the placement to its final destination on your property. This is also known as a "curbside" delivery.  


Upgraded Placement: Barefoot Spas will coordinate the placement of the spa where you want it at your residence for an additional charge. Eligibility to be determined based on proper access and geographic location.  


Non-Standard Placement: Barefoot Spas will coordinate the placement of the spa, but your circumstances require special accommodations such as a forklift or crane service.

All orders (including orders for parts and accessories) may be shipped using a common shipping carrier if appropriate for the item, tracking information will be provided at the time of shipment.  



For additional information, please email delivery@barefootspas.com 



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    Jersey City, NJ

    Swim Spa and HOA

    After a few days of researching around, we decided the barefoot spas SS17/Spania 17 was the best for us. My fiancé and I have very different goals in mind with the product, and it was crucial we found something we can both use to reach our goals. She is a swimmer. She has been her entire life, and she is quite good at it too The problem is we do NOT have the space for a pool, and even if we did have the space, our HOA does not allow. Unfortunately, we overlooked this information when we bought the home. I’ll go over some details on that in just a minute, but first I want to explain how this swim spa is perfect for us. So, I don’t like swimming. I never have. I understand the benefits, I get it, but I just prefer to run and row to get my cardio. I have a home gym I use regularly, and I really have everything covered in terms of my fitness regimen. What I did want, was a hot tub! And this is the really cool part about the barefoot swim spa is that we use it as both a hot tub and a lap pool! I have not sawm in it once. Never even tried it. Maybe I will one day, but my main focus has been in the water massage seats, etc. I get in after a workout, or after a play basketball. It works wonders on the soreness of muscles post workout. It really is amazing. Now I want to explain the HOA issue. They say in our bi-laws that we are not allowed to have a pool… period, but technically a pool is a device that is permanently attached to the home or the property. (like an above ground or in ground pool). swim spas are certified portable! They ARE NOT attached to my home or property permanently. In fact, the only thing that attaches is the electrical connection. We will bring this spa with us when we move one day if that give you a better idea. Once this was explained to my HOA, and we gave them proof that the cover locks with a key, the agreed that it is in fact NOT a pool, and furthermore, not fence required! We are going to put a fence in anyway for the dogs, but it’s nice to know we did not need to do that as part of this project. If anyone has questions about HOA, feel free to contact me on here. I just went through all of that, and my HOA is pretty strict. I can help you out as a good deed if you’re having the same problems we were. Don’t give up!

    Hendersonville, TN


    We purchased the swim spa 3 years ago, and we’ve enjoyed it very much. The barefoot spas ss17 model. I use it often; about 3 times a week. We get good use from it throughout the entire year and that’s the part of owning a swim spa I love the most. The jets in the spa are amazing. I do a variety of different exercises including swimming and also water aerobics. To this day, I have not had any issues with the swim spa. I do the regular maintenance which involves cleaning the filter, and changing the water from time to time. The swim spa has been a pleasure to own. We have installed on the back patio which we had extended by a contractor for more space. My barefoot swim spa is fantastic!

    Chesapeake, VA

    Warranty Tested and Valid!

    My husband and I purchased the Barefoot Spas SS17 swim spa. The 17 stands for 17 feet long! Its very big! We bought it for our vacation home which we do rent out most of the year. It has definitely paid off. Renters love it, and we’ve seen an increase in renters and inquiries. The spa was moved down a very steep hill and around several trees until finally, maneuvered in to place on my back concrete patio overlooking my backyard and the hills in the distance. I will upload picture. The guys that delivered it were great. Not only were they professional AND FAST, but they were very nice. I feel like I made some new friends. I made them drink hot cocoa, and sent them on their way The barefoot spas warranty and service was a concern for me being that we don’t have dealer or store here in Hampton roads area or at our vacation home in West Virginia. I bought it at a hot tub and swim spa expo direct from the Barefoot Spas manufacturer in Hampton. This is the reason I decided to write my barefoot spa review. I did have a warranty claim which caused me much anxiety. To my relief, it was resolved with little effort on our part. I am very thankful for this no hassle, straight to the point service experience. That is why I wrote this review about Barefoot Spas. Service was easy, and the barefoot spas warranty held up just fine when tested for validity. Anyway!!!! We love the swim spa. It has been a great addition to our rental property. In fact, we are considering a second one for our primary residence!

    Portland, OR

    Love our Barefoot Swim Spa

    I got my Barefoot Swim Spa SS17 last year and my family and I could not be any happier ! I exercise in it every morning and I already feel stronger. My 11 year old son plays in it with his friends and he doesn’t break out in a rash like he does when he uses his Nana and Papas pool. Ozonator and no harsh chemicals was huge for us! So glad we made this change to our lifestyle. Can’t imagine life without it!

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