Choosing Where to Place Your Spa

Deciding where to place you spa requires careful consideration.  Many factors will come into play.  Among these will be aesthetics and proximity to your home.  However, the most important will be the selection of a sturdy, flat surface that is built to code.  Our recommendation is to consult a building inspector or a licensed contractor.

When properly installed, the spa base will rest flat on the supporting surface. Do not attempt to shim the spa or place in an otherwise unleveled surface. Failure to place the spa on a level plane will cause the unit to distort, collapse, or crack. It is your responsibility to ensure the chosen location is perfectly flat and level. Any
such damage caused by improper installation will not be covered under the warranty.

The surface design and material used to support the spa should meet local building regulations and should be verified before installing the spa.

Additionally, make sure the spa is accessible to service technicians. Leave at least a three feet of open space for any side of the spa housing a pump.

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