5 Steps to Selecting the Right Hot Tub

Selecting the right hot tub depends on your wants and your needs

Key takeaways:

  • There are many benefits to owning a hot tub
  • You’ll need to decide where to put it
  • Ask yourself why you are buying one
  • Your living situation can guide you on what type of hot tub to buy
  • Understand the maintenance needs
  • Before you make your choice, consider how to access the location

There are many good reasons to own a spa or hot tub. They are relaxing, easy to maintain, and relatively simple to install. Hot tubs have major health benefits, too. They help reduce stress, ease aching muscles, and improve sleep. Since the pandemic began, more people have discovered the benefits of this fun stay-at-home luxury item.

If you are considering buying a hot tub for the first time, you might not know how to choose one. We’ve got you covered. Here are five simple steps to choosing and buying your first hot tub.

Step 1: Determine where you will put your hot tub

A hot tub is a fun, healthy investment for you and your loved ones. Deciding where you are going to put it on your property is an important decision. Selecting the right location will help your investment last for years with minimal maintenance.

First, you’ll want a level, solid location. This location will need to pass inspection and be accessible to electricity. But there are other considerations, too. Do you want your hot tub to stand out? You may want it to be the focal point of your backyard or garden. Or you may want it to blend in with your décor.

Are you considering putting your hot tub on your lawn? Remember that when you get in or out of it onto your lawn, you’ll be stepping on the grass. You might wind up with bits of loose grass floating in your hot tub.

If you’re not sure where you want your hot tub to go, a back deck is usually a good option. Most decks have the space and are strong enough to support a hot tub’s weight. Many decks also have easy access to electricity, which you need.

Step 2: Consider where you’ll be living in 5-10 years

Hot tubs come in permanent and portable models. As the name suggests, permanent ones are designed to be built into an existing structure such as a deck (in-ground tub). Portable ones sit above ground, resting on a surface as a freestanding, self-supported unit.

Deciding between portable or permanent hot tubs is a matter of looking at where you’ll be living in 5 to 10 years. If you think you might eventually sell your home and move, you may want a portable hot tub. Do you believe you’ll stay in your current home forever? Consider a permanent hot tub, then.

Permanent hot tubs are much easier to blend into existing décor. They can be very pleasing to the eye. However, once installed, they are difficult to move without a lot of expense. Once the permanent hot tub is moved, you would need to pay for additional work to make that part of your home look as it did before the hot tub was installed.

Portable hot tubs can be moved with you if you change homes. Once removed, your home would require little else to make it look as it did before the installation. 

Step 3: Ask yourself why you want one

Hot tubs offer an amazing variety of benefits. Some of these include weight loss, healing from injuries, improved kidney function, and better bone health, just to name a few.

Choosing your hot tub will come down to what you want. Are you looking for relaxation? Will the purchase serve as a means for family playtime? Will only adults use your hot tub or will children use it, too?

Here’s another factor to think about. The number of people who will use it. If you only need a couple’s hot tub, you can get away with a smaller unit. If you have a family of five, however, a larger unit is necessary. Do you entertain guests? Maybe you’ll want a larger tub to accommodate a dinner party of ten people!

A final question to ask yourself is how much space you have. If you plan to put your hot tub in your backyard, size may not matter. But a smaller deck may limit the size of the tub you buy.

Step 4: Plan for cleaning and maintenance needs

Every model of hot tub has one thing in common: maintenance. Hot tubs need regular maintenance. Upkeep may be simple or more involved. Committing to this maintenance means you protect your long-term investment.

Maintaining a hot tub boils down to three things:

  1. Maintain good water circulation
  2. Commit to a cleaning schedule 
  3. Keep your water’s chemistry balanced

Learning how to do these simple tasks is not difficult. If you want to do them yourself, you’ll have to make time for them. Some hot tubs are harder to clean than others. The more jets a unit has, the harder it is to clean. If you plan to do the maintenance yourself, consider the amount of time you want to spend cleaning it. A unit with fewer jets may make your job easier.

If you’re too busy (or you don’t want to maintain it yourself), you can bring in professional help for the maintenance. In that case, you won’t need to worry about how long it takes to clean or maintain your hot tub – you can choose one based on other factors.

Before you buy, decide if you will maintain your hot tub or if you’ll hire a service. If you hire professionals, be sure to work those fees into your budget.

Step 5: Consider your installation

A hot tub installation is reasonably simple. Beware of the “big box stores.” They will simply dump your hot tub off in your yard and leave everything up to you! You will want to choose a hot tub/spa specialty company. They will deliver your hot tub and install it in the right location for you.

They will typically roll it into a cart and transport it to your backyard or wherever you plan to locate your unit. Is the area to your hot tub’s location easy to access? Access to the installation area may be a factor in the size or model you choose. 

Wrapping Up

Which hot tub you buy will be determined by your location, who will be using it, and your lifestyle. A hot tub is an exciting, beneficial addition to your home and one that offers many surprising health benefits. Buying one provides a year-round source of fun, relaxation, and activity.

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