How to Create a Backyard Retreat Without Sacrificing Space

You don’t need a lot of space to create your perfect backyard retreat

Key takeaways:

  • Add elements to complement your swim spa
  • Multi-use furniture serves as seating or storage
  • Selective, muted colors create a unified calming feeling
  • A statue or other decorative piece can serve as a visual focal point
  • Proper backyard lighting will complement any space

Are you considering buying a swim spa or hot tub for your backyard but worried about the lack of space? Or maybe you already have a unit and you want to change your backyard’s layout. Many owners don’t know the simple tricks they can use to make their backyards into the perfect retreats…even within the smallest of spaces.

This article will give you simple guidelines on how to open up your backyard space and design the perfect retreat if you’re thinking of buying a spa. If you already have one, we’ll give you easy ways to maximize your space and make a small backyard “big” for you, your family, and your friends. Let’s dive in. 

Your swim spa’s location is everything

If you haven’t purchased your swim spa or hot tub yet, where you will put it is important. Remember that once a unit is installed, it can’t be easily moved, at least not without a lot of work!

When considering your spa’s location, stability and accessibility are the two most important considerations. Your unit should be placed on a stable, level area that is easy to reach by the technicians that are coming to install it.

If you are having your hot tub/spa installed on a deck, check your deck’s load-bearing capacity to make sure it can handle your unit’s requirements. Your location should also be in an area where guests can reach it easily. Our handy spa location guide will give you more details.

Compliment your swim spa with simple backyard seating

If you have a fence, consider putting an outdoor table and chairs next to it. Place chairs’ backs against the fence to maximize privacy. You can also angle chairs outwards to create a sense of open space. Add outdoor rugs and flowers to create an “indoor-outdoor” feel. 

Use multi-purpose furniture to save space

If you’re really short on space, instead of using separate chairs, consider a standard or L-shaped bench. The bench will provide seating for a few people.  It also gives one person the option to lay down and stretch out and relax. Built-in benches can also serve double duty as storage options for supplies.

Add extra garden stools to your decor. These handy little seats provide more places for guests to sit in large gatherings. They also serve double duty as dinner trays or drink holders.

Put up a gazebo or canopy for intimacy

Not everyone likes large open spaces. Maybe you feel more comfortable in smaller, cozier areas. If so, why not lean into the smaller space of your backyard?

Adding a gazebo or canopy can create an intimate atmosphere. You can complement a smaller space with patio furniture, pillows, and more small decorative pieces to create a warm, welcoming area. 

Use plants to enhance your privacy

If your neighbors are closer than you would like, you can still preserve your privacy. If you don’t already have a privacy fence or just don’t want one, plants can serve a similar function.

Buy several potted plants that are low maintenance. Choose the kinds that grow at least two or three feet in height. Having them in pots gives you the option of moving them around as needed. Plants give you a low-cost, easy way to block your view from your neighbors.

Choose thinner furniture to enhance smaller spaces

If you have ever seen overstuffed furniture in a small living room, you already know how choosing the right furniture can enhance or hinder a room! If your backyard space is limited, choose thinner furniture. The narrowness of the décor helps create a feeling of more space in small areas. To enhance the comfort level of your cozy space, consider adding pergolas, sun umbrellas, or canopies above your guests’ seats.

Keep your color and plant choices simple

Including too many colors in a backyard design can create a frenzied, disorganized feeling. Consider limiting your color choices to just a few. To maximize a feeling of space, muted or softer colors are your best options.

A minimalist color palette doesn’t just have to be for the furniture, either. Extend your design to your plant’s pots, too. Limit the types of plants in your backyard. Just as with colors, too many kinds of plants will create an unorganized, cluttered feeling.

Add a backyard focal point

Does your backyard have a focal point? Depending on where your swim spa or hot tub is located, that might be your focal point. However, if your unit is tucked away in a cozy corner, adding another focal point can serve as a distraction from a small backyard’s limited dimensions.

There are several focal points you can consider. A statue, trellis, or piece of art are all intriguing ideas. Emphasize your new focal point with a tasteful arrangement of potted plants. Add outdoor lighting for a nighttime “wow” factor!

Outdoor lighting really enhances a space at night

Lighting doesn’t need to be purely functional. An attractive backyard space of any size can use great lighting to enhance its looks and/or draw attention to focal points. 

You don’t need to make costly investments in an outdoor installation, either. Solar lights, candles, and backyard torches all serve as economical, attractive options to light up your backyard retreat with style.

Step into style

A fun way to create a feeling of increased space in a small backyard is with elevation changes. Use a platform or steps to create the feeling of having more than one backyard. Your tables and chairs can be placed on a raised platform. A small series of steps can lead down to your swim spa or hot tub to create the feeling of visiting an entirely new space in order to get into the water.

What to do next

There are so many ways to create the most luxurious backyard retreat even if your space is limited. From choosing multi-purpose furniture to muted color palettes to steps and elevated platforms, you have an almost unlimited array of choices!

Not sure what to do next? Need help deciding what hot tub or swim spa works best in your space? Contact Barefoot Spas today or schedule a visit to explore our spa factory!

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