How a Fitness Spa Can Speed up Injury Recovery

Fitness spas can ease pain and make recovering from injuries easier and more enjoyable

Key takeaways:

  • Hydrotherapy aids injury recovery by reducing the strain of gravity on your body
  • Warm water dilates your blood vessels and speeds natural healing
  • Talk to your doctor before starting any exercise program
  • Don’t push yourself too hard, too fast or you risk re-injury

Fitness spas can be used for rest and relaxation but they’re also popular for injury recovery and pain reduction. Hydrotherapy offers a host of benefits for recovery. How does getting into a fitness spa actually help your body heal?

We’ll outline different ways hydrotherapy helps your body recover faster from injuries. You’ll discover the science behind this seemingly simple practice, and we’ll also delve into four important tips for recovery from injuries as advised by doctors and medical experts.

Why healing hurts

First off, our bodies are incredible! There are many ways your body heals itself and returns to full capacity, sometimes with the help of medications and sometimes without. . Our systems have a series of checks and balances designed to protect us while we heal.

When parts of our bodies swell or become inflamed, it’s nobody’s idea of a party. But this swelling process helps to protect your body as it works its way through the healing process. Unfortunately, this inflammation can make moving painful. Without movement, the healing process takes even longer.

While moving is important, too much or the wrong kind can do more harm than good. Experts recommend measured movement while we recover, but a lot of exercises out there are high impact. Our already-sore joints and muscles may not enjoy all that extra pounding. The pain signals you get are your body’s way of saying “Hey, slow down!”

How water eases the pain of recovery

When most people get in the water, they float. Simple enough, right? But, this floating is actually invaluable for recovering from injuries. The water’s natural buoyancy eases the demands of gravity on your taxed systems.

While you’re in the water, your body does not have to work as hard to support your weight. With the effects of gravity considerably lessened, moving is not as painful. And, water serves as a natural cushion, preventing further high impact while exercising.

As you begin movements underwater, the reduction of pain makes it easier to want to move. And, it’s this desire that can keep you going for longer. You’re more likely to feel confident during the recovery process. This benefits your mental state, and our emotions play a large role in how we recover – not just for motivation but in overall feelings of well-being.

The goals of hydrotherapy

While the above advantages are incredibly important for your body’s recovery, they are not the only benefits. Hydrotherapy helps speed up your body’s recovery time. It achieves this by improving your strength and flexibility.

To get stronger, you have to push your body to do more. Same with flexibility. No one builds strength or increases their flexibility by sitting and waiting for the pain to subside. By exercising in a controlled environment, you can engage in exercises that are designed to stimulate your body’s capacity for growth.

How hydrotherapy reduces pain

We’ve already covered how hydrotherapy reduces pain and makes it easier to start exercising. But, how exactly does getting into water lower your pain? By getting into warm water, your body is triggered to respond. Your joints and muscles start to get warmer. Your blood vessels respond to the heat by expanding. The result? Your systems can send higher amounts of oxygen-infused blood to your body, aiding the healing process.

Getting into warmer water stimulates your body to step up the natural healing process. Along the way, the water allows you to move more, increasing your range of motion without strain.

Remember the tortoise and the hare as you recover

One challenge many people face when recovering from an injury is speed. Most of us want to get up and moving as fast as possible. We may have jobs or activities we want to return to. Or, we just want to get back to what our lives were before the injury. The danger, though, is in pushing too hard, too fast.

As you’ll recall from the old story of the tortoise and the hare, the slower tortoise eventually won the race simply by taking his time. Follow these injury recovery tips by medical experts to keep you safe as you recover:

Tip #1: Follow your doctor’s advice

If you are suffering from an injury but haven’t visited a doctor, do so first. What you may feel is a simple sprain or a minor injury could turn into something more severe if you are not careful.

Schedule a doctor’s visit and get a complete examination. A doctor will outline your physical limitations and provide you with a roadmap to stay on the road to recovery. The last thing you want to do is make your recovery time longer by reinjuring yourself.

Tip #2: Start with baby steps

Remember that every journey starts at the beginning. Set small, reasonable goals for your recovery. Start with easier exercises and move forward slowly, monitoring your progress the entire time.

Tip #3: Pay attention to your pain levels

Some people devoted to fitness love the expression “no pain, no gain.” But, ignoring your body’s pain signals can be very dangerous. Too much pain is an indication that we are straining ourselves. Ignoring it could not only lead to new injuries but reaggravate your current ones. Listen to your body. When it says it’s time to stop, it’s probably time to stop for a while. Or you may need to dial back the intensity of what you are doing.

Tip #4: Get back on the horse

Some people let an injury stop them from doing something they love. Obviously, it will depend on the extent of your injury but don’t let a relatively small one stop you from enjoying your favorite activities.Moving too much or pushing yourself too hard while recovering from an injury can be harmful. However, you do need to push yourself enough. There’s a fine balance between “too little” and “too much” while you heal.

Are you ready to bring the healing power of hydrotherapy into your home?

Fitness spas can help anyone at any activity level heal from injuries faster and more gently. Once you have set goals and received a game plan and clearance from your doctor to start getting active again, your spa can provide valuable support for you physically and mentally. Hydrotherapy in a fitness spa can provide you with a complete wellness system for years to come.

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