11 Beautiful Hot Tub and Swim Spa Landscaping Ideas

Amazing landscaping ideas to elevate the ambience around your swim spa or hot tub

Key takeaways: 

  • Use lighting elements that go with the overall theme
  • Contained and trimmed plants provide a natural element 
  • Incorporate furniture into the landscape without overcrowding the space
  • Allocate a small portion of your backyard for a water fixture
  • Add other beautifully-designed elements to create a well-rounded ambience 

Figuring out how to create the perfect scenery around your swim spa or hot tub can be a bit tricky. But if you get it right, a relaxing soak in your unit after a stressful day can feel even better. The right surroundings that incorporate nice décor, soothing colors, and even pleasant fragrances can make your spa experience more enjoyable and relaxing. 

So, what do you need to do to turn your backyard into a beautiful, t relaxing oasis? Whatever suits you, and as the largest manufacturer of hot tubs and swim spas on the East Coast, we have some amazing landscaping ideas to elevate the backyard aesthetics around your hot tub or swim spa. Let's get started!

11 ways to enhance your hot tub or swim spa’s landscape 

Here are some creative landscaping hacks that'll help you create a stunning view around your hot tub or swim spa. 

  1. Soothing lighting: The right lighting can make a big difference around your unit. From string lights to floating lights, choose mood lighting that puts you at ease, decorates the landscape, adds more value to the surroundings, and doesn't get in the way of your soak.

    Consider the color and craftsmanship of the lighting equipment. Besides lighting the area to keep you safe at night, the perfect glow with the right intensity can destress you right from the get-go. If you’re going for a specific color scheme, find shades that compliment that look.
  2. Outdoor furniture: Furniture provides more than just a place to sit; it can totally change the look of your environment. Wood, stainless steel, plastic, and rattan pieces will all give vastly different looks and vibes.

    If you have limited real estate in your backyard, opt for smaller or modular furniture that doesn't block the area. Overstuffing the site may not leave enough breathing space for people. Thin furniture strikes a balance between utility, space, and beauty. 
  3. The right plants: Plants are an excellent décor option around your swim spa, but be careful not to overdo it, unless you’re going for an undone, wild vibe. If too many plants are placed around a unit, it can create a claustrophobic feeling, and hanging plants that get into your hot tub or swim spa are a nuisance. Consider plants that don’t require a lot of maintenance. You can also strategically place them around your hot tub or swim spa for privacy. 
  4. A multi-layered gazebo: Installing a gazebo is a great way to provide a roof over your guests and let them stretch out in the shade. Gazebos can be intricate and beautiful and provide a focal point to a landscaped backyard. 
  5. Fountains: If you have the space, consider adding a fountain or two to your backyard. Water-bearing features outside of your spa can bring a sense of calm to your outdoor design. Adding a simple water basin as a centerpiece to a backyard can help relax your senses.  
  6. A pergola for privacy: Getting a pergola with curtains is a great way to incorporate privacy (and a roof) around your hot tub or swim spa. Construct the structure so that it adds to the ambience and blends into the surroundings with ease. 
  7. Add steps up to your unit: Stylish concrete, marble, or wooden steps leading to an above-ground hot tub or swim spa create an elevated feeling. Steps also make a unit safer to get in and out of.
  8. Spread some stones: Scattering stones around your landscape adds a natural vibe, creates a rustic feel, and results in gorgeous designs. From a stone pathway to stone beds to gabion walls, stones can make you feel like you’re in a relaxing, spa atmosphere. 
  9. Colors: Incorporating too many colors can be tacky and create a chaotic feeling. Consider sticking to a color scheme that consists of a few shades. Don’t go too bright if you’re goal is to create a soothing vibe. Mellow tones that incorporate tans and whites will create a soothing spa vibe.  
  10. A play area for kids: Always be careful having little children around hot tubs or swim spas. While you’re in the hot tub or swim spa relaxing, who’s keeping an eye on the kids? Consider building an enclosed play zone next to your unit so you can watch them. This could be a sandbox, playpen, or kiddie pool. 
  11. A statue centerpiece: Backyard sculptures that become the focal point can give your hot tub or swim spa landscape an epic look and feel. A statue carved out of stone, marble, or any other material can be made to look even more prominent by framing it or placing it under a tree with gorgeous potted plants surrounding it.  

Some spa owners like the brick look, some lean toward wood and composite, whereas others love incorporating stone, plants, furniture in different fabrics, or eco-friendly and minimalistic decor items. Whatever your style is, ensure that nothing gets in the way of your hot tub’s wiring or water drainage.

Simple landscaping can create an amazing atmosphere 

Even simple landscaping can turn your swim spa or hot tub experience into a luxurious retreat. Incorporating certain design elements will provide a tranquil, modern, or colorful space in your backyard. Lighting, furniture, statues, and more will create the look you want. 

If you have questions about our hot tubs or swim spas, including how to incorporate them into a backyard design, then get in touch with our customer service professionals. Let us turn your backyard into the ultimate staycation!  

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