Swim spa or swimming pool? Which should I buy?

As our living spaces become more compact, swim spas continue to gain popularity over the traditional swimming pool.  Not everyone has a massive backyard with enough room for a full-size swimming pool.  Instead, people are finding alternative ways to get the exercise and enjoyment typically associated with a swimming pool in a more compact and in most instances, a more economically viable way.  Of course, both swim spas and swimming pools offer unique benefits. When weighing up between a swim spa or swimming pool, the questions is: “Should you buy a swim spa?”  We believe there are four reasons why you should choose a swim spa over a traditional pool.


In this case, the more compact, the better.  Swim spas are considerably smaller than a standard swimming pool.  Have a tight space?  A swim spa can be the perfect fit.  Although smaller in size, a swim spa offers the unique ability to continuously swim for miles.  Our Barefoot Swim Spas provide a stream of resistance that allows you to swim on and on.  In a standard pool, when you reach the end, you’re forced to stop and change direction.  Not in a swim spa.  Our spas range from 12 feet up to 19 feet.  Whether you live in a house with a yard or a condo with a small patio, chances are one of our swim spas will fit.


It’s always the season for swimming with a swim spa.  Because of its compact size, a swim spa is much easier to keep heated.  Large swimming pools - even the heated ones – become uncomfortable during the winter.  They’re simply too big to heat evenly and economically.  In colder climates, you may only get five months of swimming.  A swim spa, however, affords you the ability to swim all year long.  It’s smaller size makes it easier to heat without costing a fortune.  It’s also easier to maintain, offers the same function as a swimming pool, and gives you an ideal place to swim throughout the year.


Swim spas and fitness spas are designed for exercise.  While a traditional pool is most often used for swimming, a swim spa is focused on getting a great workout.  It really redefines what it means to work out while swimming.  The current in a Barefoot Swim Spa is adjustable and allows you to determine how intense your work out will be.  Swim fast, swim slow.  Swim with great resistance or an easy flow.  In most cases, you can buy addon equipment specifically designed for aerobic exercise in the water.  Our Barefoot Spas Fitness Kit is a perfect addition that provides ankle cuffs for leg workouts, handle grips for arm exercises, and row bars with universal resistance cords. 


We hope this helps you decide between a swim spa or swimming pool. After all, a swim spa provides the perfect environment in which to swim, exercise, and perform water aerobics.  And yes, it’s easier to install, more affordable in price, and exponentially more energy efficient.  Yet, what ultimately makes it better than a traditional swimming pool is its additional focus on relaxation and hydrotherapy.  A swim spa provides the best of both worlds.  It effectively combines the benefits of swimming and water exercise with the relaxing and restorative capabilities of a hot tub.  Work out hard and relax even harder!!

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