How to Transform Your Backyard into a Swim Spa Oasis

A swim spa can turn your backyard into a relaxing oasis

Key takeaways:

  • Crafting the perfect backyard will be different for everyone
  • Ask yourself why you want a spa
  • Consider the number and kind of jets you will need
  • Choose the perfect location for your spa
  • Eliminate distractions
  • Focus on privacy
  • Add furniture and other outdoor decor for a sensory experience

Do you like relaxing at home in the water? Does turning your backyard into a swim spa oasis sound like a little slice of paradise? A swim spa can be a fun, relaxing centerpiece to build your own backyard oasis around. 

Just what kind of backyard experience you want will be unique to your tastes. Your personality, backyard space, and other considerations will shape your perfect staycation spot. Let’s dive in and talk about how to turn your backyard into the ultimate swim spa oasis. 

First, why are you getting a swim spa?

Before you invest in a swim spa, ask yourself what appeals to you most about it. For some, their choice will depend on specific benefits of a swim spa, like:

  • It helps you recover from mild injuries. 
  • It’s an effective place to perform low-impact, aquatic exercises.
  • Many people feel less stressed after a swim spa session. 
  • A spa’s jets massage sore muscles
  • Powerful jets allow people to swim against the current without the extra size a swimming pool requires.

Many people feel more peaceful and tranquil after spending time in their swim spa. What are your reasons for buying a swim spa? Is it for exercise? Stress reduction? A way for your family and friends to relax together? Answer this basic question first to decide what you want from a unit. 

Usage dictates jet style

Before you buy a unit, choose your jet count. What will be your primary use for your unit? A swim spa used for relaxation with family and friends needs different kinds of jets than one used primarily for swimming. 

Remember that more jets are not more beneficial for their own sake. The more jets you have in your spa, the more pumps you will need. Without the right pumps, extra jets will result in lower streams and levels of massage.

Your backyard space will influence your design plan 

While you want to put your spa in the perfect location aesthetically, you will need to remember safety and stability. You must install your swim spa at a level location. The base of the unit needs a flat surface. This surface must be built to code for structural integrity.

Aesthetics play a big part in creating a relaxing atmosphere. Consider a location that gives you the ability to add foliage, furniture, and other add-ons.

Reduce outdoor distractions

How big is your backyard? Pick a location for your spa that has minimal distractions. Being close to public sidewalks or roads means listening to pesky road noise. Foul smells from car emissions are another annoyance from the road.

Other distractions to contend with? Insects. If possible, locate your swim spa in an area that doesn’t get as many insects and pests. 

Standing water is a sure attractor of insects, so try to avoid locating your spa near natural ponds. If possible, eliminate standing water completely from your backyard. A pest control company can spray your yard at scheduled times to get rid of unwelcome guests.

Make privacy a priority

The biggest reason most people buy swim spas is for relaxation. Focus on choosing a private location for your unit so you can let go and shut out the outside world. There are several easy ways to ensure privacy around your swim spa:

  • Strategically plant trees, shrubs, and seasonal plants: Adding natural distraction blockers accomplishes two tasks at once. You block outside distractions and you create a peaceful atmosphere that’s good for the environment.
  • Add curtains and privacy screens: Are your options limited in terms of location? You can create privacy quickly and easily with simple curtains or folding screens.
  • Fences add privacy and security: Check into your local zoning laws. Find out how high your fences can be, how far away from the road they must be, and more.

Privacy is one of the most important requirements to create a truly immersive backyard oasis. Use your imagination or talk to a planner for more ideas.

Create a well-rounded experience with other outdoor add-ons

Your swim spa will undoubtedly be the feature of your backyard oasis. There are also plenty of other additions to give you and your family that “getaway experience” you want.

  • Patio furniture: The lines between indoor and outdoor décor are blurred more each year. Gone are the days of limited weather-proof options for outdoor furniture. Now, stylish chairs, tables, and lounges are available to compliment any outdoor design.
  • Grill and meal preparation: Grilling doesn’t get old. The ability to prepare fantastic meals in the same space as your swim spa is an easy way to turn your backyard into an “all-inclusive” experience.
  • Outdoor lighting: Who says the fun has to stop once the sun goes down? Installing proper outdoor lighting ensures you can continue your experience long after nightfall. Many styles of lights can complement any theme. From tiki torches to strings of lights, your lighting does not have to be merely functional. It can contribute to the overall design of your backyard oasis.

Your swim spa can serve as the centerpiece of outdoor relaxation. But it doesn’t need to be the only outdoor option for fun. The outdoor add-ons listed above can serve as a springboard for your imagination!

How to get started on your backyard swim spa oasis 

There are a lot of ways to turn your swim spa investment into the cornerstone of backyard fun. With so many options and decisions to make, why not turn to the experts for help? The easiest first step is to take a tour of the Barefoot Spas facilities. You will see your swim spa options and start to get ideas of what you want your oasis to look like!

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