How Many Jets Does My Hot Tub Need?

Selecting the best hot tub doesn’t have to be a difficult task.  As you begin to compare different brands and the models offered by those brands, you will undoubtedly begin to notice similarities.  Almost all hot tub manufacturers offer similar size spas and many have the same configurations in terms of number of seats.  As a result, many consumers begin to focus on the things that they believe will offer greater comfort and enhanced hydrotherapy.  One factor that inevitably comes to mind is jet count, with many asking the question "how many jets does my hot tub need?" 

However, be careful.  A high jet count does not necessarily equate to a luxury hot tub or fitness spa experience.  Jet count is not as important as you may think!


There are a whole host of hot tub manufacturers.  Many of which follow very similar processes for design and development.  Almost all have acrylic shells, stylish wood-like exteriors, and ready-made components for heating and purification.  For those brands that can’t differentiate based on custom components and proprietary technology, the easiest thing to do is add a lot of jets.  However, we caution you.  More jets does not necessarily mean a better hot tub or spa.  In fact, more jets without the appropriate number of pumps can lead to a lackluster experience.

At Barefoot Spas, we deal with an educated consumer – one who knows that there are many factors to consider when choosing a hydrotherapy spa or hot tub.  The educated hot tub consumer looks for things like energy efficiency, water filtration, product warranty, and overall product quality.  That’s why, at Barefoot Spas, we focus on building the best hot tub or fitness spa regardless of the number of jets.  And when we do add jets, you can trust that we’ve done it right!  Our ExoJet™ technology is second to none!


Well, that depends.  It depends on three things really – the number of pumps to support the jets, the positioning of those jets, and the quality of those jets.  The truth of the matter is that it really depends on you.  Ask yourself: “How many jets can I use at the same time?”  Or, when sitting in a given seat, “Do twenty (20) jets provide a better massage than ten (10) or even five (5)?”  At some point, there’s a diminishing return when it comes to the number of jets any one person can use at a time.  The same can be said as to the total number of jets you need in a spa.


Some hot tub manufacturers can offer a lot of jets, but they’re all the same.  There’s no variety.  For people who truly want to enjoy a hydrotherapy experience, for those who want the ultimate water massage, you should pick a hot tub brand that offers different types of jets that vary in both function and size.  Large, pulsating jets are ideal for your back and shoulders.  Directional jets with powerful streams can help to loosen up a stiff neck or sore legs.  And the constant, forceful stream of fixed jets can soothe aching feet and calves. 


Whether they're for 4, 6, 7 or 8 people, spas and hot tubs with extremely high jet counts typically require larger and more pumps to power them. Without an increase in the number of jet pumps, you are more than likely to receive a very weak massage.  Again, lots of jets with low power does not make for a great experience.  However, larger jet pumps and an increased number of pumps can also contribute to higher energy and operating costs.

So, rather than using jet count as a key differentiator, we encourage you to focus on finding the right spa for you.  Find one that provides you with the correct positioning, the right number of seats, and the ideal level of relaxation and hydrotherapy that you require.  And be sure to partner with a hot tub brand, swim spa brand, or fitness spa brand that designs a state-of-the-art product with you in mind – one that includes a variety of hot tub jets that are thoughtfully placed and supported by an energy-efficient system of pumps.

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