How Much Does a Swim Spa Cost?

The price of a swim spa totally depends on the quality and the features found within the spa.

  • A top of the line swim spa brand like Barefoot Spas could cost anywhere from  $24,000 for its 12 foot model all the way up to $43,000 for its 19 foot model.  Of course, the Barefoot Swim Spas are the top of the line luxury models with all the bells and whistles.
  • A number of value brands will sell swim spas at a cost between the $15,000 to $18,000 range.  However, you get what you pay for . . .

Most swim spas will not make their prices available to the public. They will put you through the arduous task of speaking to a sales rep first.  To avoid this, buy your swim spa online direct from the swim spa manufacturer.

Factors that affect swim spa prices

Key features that will impact price include:

  • Brand - You'll pay a premium price for a premium brand.  Don’t fall victim to celebrity endorsements and a lot of PR.  Look for companies that put their money into the product not just the promotion.
  • Distribution – You’ll definitely be able to save money if you buy direct from the manufacturer.  Buying from a retailer will always include a markup.  Look for companies that sell directly to public online and offer free shipping.  Shipping a spa can be expensive.
  • Size – In this case, larger, deeper swim spas will cost more. Adding a dual temperature zones and a separate hot tub section can add upwards of $5,000 to the overall price.  Look for companies like Barefoot Spas that sell hybrid products that allow for exercise as well as relaxation and hydrotherapy.
  • Features - The power of the swim current, the total number of jets, power of the swim current, built-in exercise equipment, LED lighting, etc. all will have an impact on the total price.

When comparing swim spa manufactures and hot tub companies, be sure to consider all costs:

  1. Shipping & Delivery - Different companies will handle these charges differently. Most offer different modes of delivery from simple delivery to white glove placement. Certain companies like Barefoot Spas will offer simple delivery at no charge.  Extra charges may apply when delivery includes heavy equipment such as cranes or forklifts to position the swim spa in a specific place.
  2. Installation - What are the electrical requirements of each swim spa? Are you looking at any modular swim spas that require on-site assembly? Make sure that your swim spa is truly portable.  Portable swim spas allow for flexibility and are designed to withstand movement and relocation.
  3. Operation - Most swim spas have similar operating costs regardless of the manufacturer. If you live in a cold climate and plan to use the swim spa during the winter, be sure to ask about heating costs, insulation and covers.  Premium swim spa companies like Barefoot Spas will include a swim spa cover as part of the purchase.
  4. Maintenance – Be sure to compare warrantees. Different swim spa brands have different types of warrantees.  Take a look at the Better Business Bureau for potential issues and complaints about service. 
And remember, many swim spas can now be purchased online.  Look for companies that have built out the online sales process.  Most offer payment-over-time solutions and have cut out the “middleman” which allows them to offer the best prices.

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