How to Prepare for Your Swim Spa’s Installation

Before your swim spa gets delivered, you need to prepare to ensure it can be installed correctly

Key takeaways: 

  • There are a few things you’ll want to do, such as choosing a location, to ensure a smooth swim spa installation.
  • Clear a path and the installation spot of any objects for easy access and setup.
  • Choose a spot either indoors or outdoors.
  • Create a base and check the electrical socket and water drainage of the installation site.

Congratulations, you’ve purchased your very own swim spa! You’re in store for fun, relaxation, and fitness.

But before your unit is installed, you have to prepare for it. Now is the time to reserve some space in your backyard for placing it. You may also need to clear the area of debris and objects, find the proper outlets to power the spa, and go through a checklist to ensure your spa gets installed correctly, right where you want it.

Today, we’ll guide you through pre-swim spa installation. Having this information handy will help immensely with the installation and ensure everything goes smoothly. Here’s everything you need to consider:

The pre-swim spa installation checklist

Swim spa delivery can get a bit nerve-wracking for some, but if you follow these pre-requisites, delivery and installation will go smoothly:

  1. Location: Pick the location you want the swim spa to be. You’ll need to find a spot that’s close to a power outlet and water source. You may also want it to be discreet, easy to access, clean, and away from any falling debris. Some people choose to place their units indoors, especially in places where it gets very cold. 
  2. Indoors or outdoors: Will you be installing your unit indoors or outdoors? Both places have their advantages and disadvantages. Setting the unit up outside allows more ventilation to prevent mold formation. It also provides lots of natural sunlight and more free space. Whereas, installing it indoors means less chance of snow, rain, and falling debris soiling your spa. 

    With an indoor spa, the heating costs are will also be lower. Seeing as the spa is less exposed to the elements, it traps and retains heat much better. This allows for year-round use, irrespective of the weather. For indoor installation, ensure you have enough ceiling height, and that the floor around the spa has proper drainage for splashing and spilling. 
  3. Base: Your swim spa will need a solid, level foundation to support its structure. If you plan to install it on top of the ground, you need a solid, compact, and reinforced concrete pad that is at least four inches thick. Don’t install your swim spa on grass or an uneven surface, or try "shimming" it by placing objects underneath.  

    You want to prepare a base where the swim spa can rest properly. Large, heavy, and rigid objects tend to list or lean. The last thing you want is the weight of the water and the users inside crashing your spa unit, cracking the bottom, and causing injuries. It's your responsibility to ensure that the chosen location is flat, sturdy, and built to code. We recommend consulting a building inspector or licensed contractor before its placement. 

    The leveled surface material and design should meet the local regulations and be verified before installation. All owners can also install a unit in the ground or partially above the surface. This installation requires separate preparations.
  4. Power outlet: The professionals who come to install your swim spa will need access to a power outlet. Make sure that a power source is in proximity to where the unit will be installed and can guarantee at least 220V/50 amp. Consult an electrician to evaluate the power source and consider installing a GFCI safety breaker for the spa.
  5. Clearance: Clear the path to the unit’s location of any obstructions to allow the delivery team reasonable access. Address obstacles such as gates, decking, railings, trees, low hanging power lines, trees, or stairs. 

    In some cases, the team might have to use a crane to lower the spa into your compound. Clear the area of weeds, vehicles, toys, furniture, or anything else that could impede access.

    Consider telling your neighbors you’ll be having a swim spa delivered out of courtesy. Communication and advanced notification can help avoid problems with officials and neighbors. Also, ensure all the essential paperwork is in order and accessible by the delivery day.
  6. Drainage: Allow enough room for sufficient water drainage around the unit. This ensures that the water won’t stick to your electrical equipment for long; it’ll keep your swim spa from corroding on the inside and protect the internal equipment to ensure longevity. A proper water outlet must be free of blockages to ensure water flow. 

This checklist will help you be ready and waiting for delivery day! 

Indoor options for swim spa installation

Some families choose to install a swim spa indoors for various reasons. If you want your swim spa enclosed and sheltered, then there are many different ways you can go about it.

You can have the swim spa installed in your garage, or you can move your oasis downstairs into the basement. Going into the basement has its share of risks, though, as the water that splashes around won’t evaporate that quickly.

You can have it placed in a sunroom or have one built for it. You might also have it installed in a swimming pool enclosure. 

Moving forward with Barefoot Spas 

Investing a little time in preparing for your swim spa delivery will help ensure a stress-free swim spa installation. Knowing what you need to do will help you prepare for delivery day. Leave the actual installation to qualified professionals so you don’t risk damaging the swim spa or injuring yourself.

Barefoot Spas will collaborate with you on preparing for your new swim spa after you place your order. Once we have a delivery window for your unit, we will contact you with a Welcome Call. You are also welcome to call or email us at any time to get an update or ask questions. Simply call our Main Office at (804) 298-3950 or email us at

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