Incorporating Your Swim Spa Into 2022’s Backyard Design Trends

Take advantage of 2022 backyard design trends by incorporating your spa for a magical outdoor experience

Key takeaways:

  • 2022 backyard design trends are focused on sustainability and recycled materials
  • There will be an emphasis on the natural look of materials
  • The line between interior and exterior design will be blurred even more
  • The industrial look will be popular
  • Custom swim spa installations can make a seamless design tie-in
  • Simple add-ons after a prefabricated installation will create a trendy 2022 design

Are you looking at transforming your backyard into a tranquil “staycation?” Well, stay tuned because the 2022 backyard design trends are here! So many of us are spending a lot more time at home and there’s never been a better time to turn our backyards into exactly what we want. And, if you own a swim spa or hot tub or are considering purchasing one, incorporating it into your backyard design is very doable with a little bit of prep. 

We’ll discuss some of the most popular backyard design trends for 2022. You’ll also discover simple things to keep in mind when choosing a spa to compliment your décor. Finally, you’ll learn ways to merge a prefabricated spa with your existing backyard.

2022 design trends will see an emphasis on sustainability

Concerns of sustainability and conserving natural resources are at the forefront of public consciousness. One dominant 2022 backyard design trend is an emphasis on recycled materials.

Woods made from old boats and houses will see a significant uptick in popularity. Think tropical woods like teak or acacia. These woods can be recycled into stylish materials that are ready to show off a resource-conscious design.

Recycled plastics are also experiencing a renewed sense of popularity. Used plastics are now being collected from both land and sea. They are then repurposed into seat shells and lounge furniture.

The indoor “industrial style” trend moves outdoors

Combining metal and wood is an industrial design concept. The look gets its authenticity from scratches, nicks, and other imperfections. These “worn in” characteristics give the furniture a lived-in feeling. The industrial style will be popular in 2022.

This trend has primarily been an indoor one, but indoor and outdoor styles continue to merge. The result? Indoor trends are becoming popular outdoor options.

Other industrial style trend options include skid frames, tables, benches, and chairs. These objects get the industrial look from black, powder-coated metal. These trends are cropping up in accents, too. Need ideas for accents? Consider worn leather, coarse-linen pillows, and black, powder-coated metal shelves.

The popularity of coarsely woven indoor fabrics makes its way to outdoor décor

Want to transform your backyard into an extension of your living space? Pay attention to your fabric. Make good fabric choices and your outdoor furniture will feel like an extension of your indoor living area.

In the past, lounges and furniture were rarely completely covered in fabric. Coarser materials have, in the past, been primarily an indoor thing. That’s all changing in 2022! Now, fabrics with a coarser weave will be an option to completely cover outdoor furniture.

Rope furniture adds a modern chic look

An anticipated 2022 design trend is furniture made entirely from rope! Rope furniture has been gaining popularity recently. It’s flexible, comfortable, and versatile.

In a twist of irony, this “modern” trend actually dates back thousands of years to ancient Egypt. Part of the reason rope furniture enjoys such popularity is its durability. Rope furniture is resistant to the elements. This makes it a long-lasting choice for your outdoor décor.

The classic, natural look is the way to go

Since we're spending more time at home, design trends are prioritizing efficiency and comfort. The natural look – materials that appear as they do in nature – are rising in popularity.

Think muted tones such as beige, cream, or cashmere. Subtle greens, greys, and browns will prove to be popular choices, too. Other popular color palette choices include olive green, khaki, and ivory.

As many designers will tell you, the classics never truly go out of style. The reason? The softer, muted colors help people to relax more. With all the extra time at home, it’s becoming more important to make the feel of your living areas serene and safe.

Merging your swim spa with your outdoor décor

You can incorporate a swim spa into your design with careful planning. Is your backyard design already set or are you starting fresh with an entire redesign?

If you haven’t yet purchased your swim spa or hot tub, you can choose a unit to complement your backyard décor. You’ll first need to settle on your spa’s location. Your unit has specific safety, reliability, and stability requirements. Because of these needs, you'll want to choose the spa's location and build your backyard design around it. First and foremost, make sure the spa is installed on a sturdy, flat surface that is built to code. Otherwise, an unlevel plane may cause it to distort, collapse, or crack. 

Do you have your backyard set-up already in place? You can customize your spa’s installation into your existing deck or patio. Check and double-check your measurements before you commit to a specific spa! It would be awful if your dream spa didn’t fit into your preferred location on delivery day.

If your backyard décor is not set yet, a prefabricated spa might be the way to go. You can choose one for your backyard and build the rest of your décor around it. Your spa would likely serve as your backyard’s centerpiece.

Accent options for your hot tub or spa

Once it’s installed, there are several other ways to integrate your spa into your backyard décor. Some of these options can protect your family from the elements!

One option is a covered pergola. It’s an easy way to extend your indoor living space to the outside. It can protect your family from the harsh rays of the sun and keep the rain out.

For nighttime fun, consider adding hanging lights. It’s an easy way to add ambiance and style to your backyard.

Have questions?

Investing in a spa is exciting! It’s a stylish and fun addition to your home. Incorporating 2022 design trends into your backyard décor is a great way to make spending time at home relaxing and fun. Adding a swim spa into your 2022 design requires careful thought. When making such an important decision, you may want or need some extra guidance.

You’ll want to know all your options before making your final decision. Barefoot Spas is here to help! You can schedule a visit to our factory or contact us today with any questions. We are here to assist you.

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