Top 10 Hydrotherapy Exercises You Can Do in Your Fitness Spa

Calm aching joints and get in great shape with these hydrotherapy exercises 

Key takeaways: 

  • Hydrotherapy uses water to elevate physical fitness. 
  • A spa’s water pressure, viscosity, flow, and temperature can work wonders on the body. 
  • Aquatic exercises boost stamina, strength, and balance. 
  • Practice exercises like squats, jogging, crunches, and kickbacks to condition your body.

Hydrotherapy has transformed the way we look at water. Water is clearly not just for drinking – it has several benefits to elevate your physical health. Hydrotherapy can potentially transform your body and uplift your mood. 

That is why buying a fitness spa is an investment for your physical health. Doing hydrotherapy in a temperature-controlled fitness spa with pressurized jets will condition your body and ease stiff muscles. Let's look at how hydrotherapy works and get 10 great exercises to do in a fitness spa. 

What is hydrotherapy? 

Hydrotherapy, also known as water therapy, is the process of using water to heal and nurture your body. It offers a ton of benefits and can potentially alleviate existing medical conditions like arthritis to boost your physical fitness. Aquatic exercises can ease muscle stress, treat joint pain, remove soreness, and just be a great source of addressing physical discomfort. 

The goal with each hydrotherapy session is to utilize water pressure and flow to soothe the affected areas of your body. Users usually do it in warm water. Multiple sessions in a fitness spa over a while will relax the muscles and stimulate blood flow. All in all, hydrotherapy can be a great way to improve the quality of your life. 

How hydrotherapy works 

Hydrotherapy works through the therapeutic application of water at different viscosity levels, pressure, and flow to the affected area of your body. Water from a jet, whether concentrated over a small area at high speeds or sprayed over a larger area, can help to stimulate a region and improve blood circulation. 

Hydrotherapy influences your internal metabolic functions, regulates the muscles around a sore area on your body, and triggers your body’s natural healing processes. The biodynamic and physiologic properties of water help to diminish physical ailments. Furthermore, massage from the water turbulence to stressed body parts in the aquatic environment provides holistic relief.

Top 10 hydrotherapy exercises to practice in your fitness spa 

Hydrotherapy exercises are wonderful for improving your physical fitness and providing pain relief.  Below are 10 different aquatic exercises that you can start performing in your fitness spa to boost your health. Although they shouldn’t be harmful, we recommend consulting a physician before attempting these moves.  

  1. Squats: Stand inside the spa with your feet shoulder-width apart. Raise your arms parallel to the floor, carefully bend your knees, and lower your body to the surface of the water. Doing squats in a fitness spa helps strengthen your glutes, thighs, and core. You can do them on one or both legs. Start with a single set of 10 repetitions. 
  2. Bicep curls: Sit straight on the spa’s floor and try out some underwater bicep curls. Hold a dumbbell in each hand and start by bringing your right hand to your right shoulder and then back down. Now, try the same with your left hand and then with both hands at the same time. Start with a single set of five repetitions. Since you’re underwater, you won’t be able to do a lot of repetitions. 
  3. Swimming laps: Buy a swim tether or go free and start practicing good old-fashioned laps. Swimming is a great cardiovascular exercise that helps to build endurance, improve muscle strength, and relieve physical stress. This is an excellent workout for your upper body and legs.
  4. Aquatic bicycle: Place your arms on a sturdy surface and start moving your legs in a circular motion underwater, just like you would pedal a bicycle. Practicing this against the buoyancy of water improves joint mobility, decreases body fat, increases muscle strength, and corrects your posture. 
  5. Jogging: Jogging in a fitness spa is another great way to help strengthen your muscles, maintain a healthy weight, and build strong bones. Run at a point within the spa, and don't raise your knees too high. You could even try turning on the jets to hit your calf muscles to increase the difficulty level without letting it push you backward.
  6. Flutter: Stretch your arms out, grab the edge of the spa, lift both of your legs to the surface, and splatter them for a good 10 seconds. Bring your legs back down to the floor, take a breather, and repeat. This exercise helps strengthen your legs and improve your balance. 
  7. Tiptoe: Stand on both of your feet, and slowly raise them by transferring all the weight to your toes. Bring your feet down, and repeat the same. Perform five sets before taking a break to rest your feet. This exercise tones and strengthens your calf muscles. 
  8. Leg extensions: Sit on one of the seats in your fitness spa, with your feet firmly planted on the floor. Now, raise and stretch both your legs out fully. Slowly lower them. Keep going until you complete a set of 10. Once done, turn on one of the jet sprays to relieve the tension in your legs. 
  9. Twist: Stand at a spot in your spa with enough room on all sides. Grab some dumbbells, hold them vertically, keep your feet shoulder-width apart, bend your legs slightly, and twist your torso to the right side and then to the left. Keep doing it until you reach five on either side. Torso twists help to elevate your core strength. 
  10. Planking: To plank, you will need a pool noodle. Hold the noodle underwater with your hands shoulder-width apart, but stretch them out. While doing this, raise your body and straighten it out while standing on your toes. Hold the position for a good 15 seconds. 

Try any of the above exercises to strengthen your muscles and ease pain. With these simple hydrotherapy exercises, you’ll crush your fitness goals in no time. Formulate a training schedule, stick to it, and you can condition your body to peak wellness. 

Wrapping up

Hydrotherapy promotes muscle relaxation, decreases muscle spasms, and improves joint motion. Furthermore, the 10 aquatic exercises listed above decrease pain sensitivity, increase muscular strength, and improve balance. With all these benefits, fitting hydrotherapy into your routine would be very helpful. 

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