Ten benefits of swim spas

Owning a Swim Spa provides the best of both worlds.  You get the full benefit of exercise associated with a traditional swimming pool as well as the added benefit of comfort, relaxation, and hydrotherapy normally associated with a hot tub or fitness spa. We outlined ten top benefits of swim spas below: 

Ten Reasons to Own a Swim Spa:

  1. You Can Swim - A quality swim spa gives you the ability to swim against an active current.  You can swim just like you do in a traditional swimming pool with the added benefit of not having to flip, turn around and change direction.
  2. You Can Relax - A Barefoot Swim Spa provides hot water therapy and massaging jets in a unit that also provides a separate area specifically for swimming.
  3. You Can Exercise - Swimming isn't the only aerobic activity that can be performed in a Swim Spa.  Luxury models often offer accessory items like Fitness Kits that include ankle cuffs for killer leg workouts and handle grips for upper arm exercises.
  4. Ease of Installation - Swim Spas are easily installed in much the same way of a typical hot tub or fitness spa.
  5. Compact Design - What facilitates the rather easy installation of swim spa is its compact design.  Swim Spas don't come close to occupying the same amount of a traditional swimming pool.
  6. Convenience - Swim Spas make for easy transition between workout and recovery.  You can immediately go from a high-intensity workout like swimming to easing muscle tension and aches while relaxing in the hot tub portion of your swim spa.
  7. Ease of Maintenance - When compared to a regular swimming pool, it is easier to maintain a Swim Spa because it is smaller and uses fewer chemicals.
  8. Year-Round Usage - Depending on your preference, Swim Spas can be located indoors or outdoors.  If you have indoor location, the spa can be enjoyed regardless of the weather.  Swim or relax even when cold or stormy outside.  And if you're climate's not too harsh, simply turn up the heat for some outdoor swimming even in the winter.  Because of its compact size, a Swim Spa is easier and less expensive to heat.
  9. Portable - Swim Spas are portable.  They can move when you move.  If you plan on moving homes, your Swim Spa investment moves with you.
  10. Encourage Others to Exercise - Although Swim Spas are often purchased for the "swimmer" in the family, they can be adjusted for all levels of ability.  Set the resistance of the swim jets to any level you desire from the novice beginner to the Olympian.  

Our range of luxury Swim Spas are manufactured right here in the United States, just outside of Richmond, VA.  As a swim spa manufacturer, Barefoot Spas uses only quality materials and components in the manufacturing of our Swim Spas and Hot Tubs.  We stand by our products and offer one of the best warranty in the industry.

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